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Over the last two decades, SciVida’s founders Kevin Barnett and Jeff Liepman have built, led, and grown successful life sciences consultancies.

Excited to start from scratch with a clean slate and armed with the wisdom of their experience, they set out to establish a company that fosters trust and collaboration among a team of exceptional people, united in purpose, who support one another in achieving goals—those of clients, those of the firm, and those of individual employees, too.

With no unnecessary distractions or influences, Kevin and Jeff are unencumbered to make the right decisions and investments for the team and the business over the long term. And they find it liberating.

Their wide range of experiences afforded them keen insight in three key areas:

  1. What works well—and, importantly, what doesn’t—when it comes to building, leading, and managing a firm
  2. Clients’ needs and expectations in working with consultancies
  3. How and why consultants get frustrated at other firms

Our Purpose

To help bring science to life so that patients get access to life-saving therapies and our world is a healthier place

We are grateful for the unique opportunity to work on so many innovative treatments that have the potential for enormous benefit to patients. When our clients succeed in making these products available to patients, that benefit is realized, and our purpose is fulfilled.

So that we always stay focused on this purpose, science (Sci) and life (Vida) are embedded in our name.

How We’re Different

SciVida is committed to excellence–this is one of our guiding principles, intentionally permeating all facets of our business: in how we hire top-performers with the right skills and experience, in how we execute projects as we strive to consistently exceed client expectations, and in how we operate the firm and foster a winning culture.

We are confident SciVida is in a class of its own in offering the following:


We hire top talent with the right aptitude and attitude mixed with life sciences experience and passion.

Our high-performance culture—the result of mixing our commitment to excellence with our passion and excitement for the work we do—is a win-win-win: a win for individual team members, a win for the broader organization, a win for our clients.

I love that one of our core values is to ‘delight our clients.’ So many other firms are focused solely on billable hours, target utilization and managed revenue instead of first and foremost focusing on the client. I find this to be particularly refreshing and it illustrates SciVida’s commitment to supporting life sciences organizations and the patients that they serve.

—Senior Consultant, Research Triangle Park

Our Commitment to Quality

Senior leaders stay heavily involved in projects. From kickoff through final readout, they sweat the small stuff—scrutinizing logic, analysis, and output—in all aspects of project delivery to ensure the engagement and project team are positioned for success.

In addition to our leaders poring over the substance, we put project deliverables through rigorous quality review to ensure clarity, consistency, and accuracy. And we provide our team members with the proper tools to maximize their efficiency in the conduct of business and research, allowing them to spend more time on analysis, insights, and strategy.

SciVida is hyper-focused on providing clients with an all-around positive experience and takes satisfaction seriously, providing a formal opportunity to evaluate our performance at the end of every engagement via our client satisfaction survey. Each response is reviewed by senior leaders and the entire project team and acted upon accordingly. We want clients to feel confident in their partnership with SciVida and take comfort in the ease of doing business with us.