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SciVida knows that business development and licensing deals often move rapidly and require agility, as making well-informed decisions under tight time constraints can be challenging. SciVida assists emerging and established companies alike in assessing a market, evaluating potential for a product, and informing decisions on valuation and go/no-go.

Key Market Dynamics

Increasing competition for licensing deals

Rising number of midsize companies pursuing accelerated growth

Increasing reliance of big pharma and big biotech on licensing for growth and innovation


SciVida can assist life sciences organizations in tackling key business development questions through several solutions:

  • Corporate growth strategy
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Business development and licensing strategy

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

Like precision medicine where treatment decisions are personalized for each individual patient, we tailor our consulting solutions to each client’s unique set of circumstances. No two situations are exactly the same, so every engagement is different. The case studies below illustrate how we have supported clients with business development needs.

Client Satisfaction Is Our Top Metric

SciVida thrives on feedback! We welcome input from clients in any forum throughout the project, and we also provide a formal opportunity to thoroughly evaluate our performance at the end of each engagement to ensure we stay focused on customer needs and continuously improve quality.

  • 100% of clients are “extremely satisfied”
  • 100% of clients report SciVida demonstrated a good understanding of their business
  • 100% of clients report SciVida is easy to do business with
9.9 Out of 10
Average customer satisfaction score