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At SciVida, our employees are paramount to our success. We thrive as a cohesive team working toward common goals, but we also see people as individuals who have their own career objectives to pursue. We’ll support you in your professional journey, but you have control over your trajectory. You’re in the driver’s seat!

A Focus on What’s Important

Few firms offer as much as SciVida when it comes to aspects that truly impact job satisfaction. First and foremost, SciVida is a firm of strong integrity, and we are driven by our purpose: to help bring science to life so that patients get access to life-saving therapies and our world is a healthier place.

Our team members who have worked at other firms cite the following additional differentiators for SciVida:

Strategic, Diverse Projects

Our work is highly strategic and spans a diversity of project types, product types, phases of development, and therapeutic areas.


Team members love learning new things every day. The diversity provides broad experience. And the emphasis on strategy challenges our staff to think critically and become strong thought partners for clients.

Leadership Engagement

Staff at all levels have direct and consistent interactions with leaders for questions, feedback, guidance, and mentorship.


Leadership genuinely values frequent conversations with employees at all levels and recognizes the vital importance of communication to the health of a growing company.

Having a Voice

Because SciVida is a new and growing firm, employees have a unique opportunity to help shape the future of the company. We hire bright and talented employees and welcome their input on how we can be more effective in all aspects of the business.


Staff ideas are welcomed, solicited, and acted upon. SciVida knows that when employees have a say on matters that impact their day-to-day living, they are happier, more engaged, and more successful. And team input helps the firm prosper, too.

Quality of Life

SciVida respects time away from work and encourages staff to periodically unplug for a well-deserved break to recharge. Colleagues step in and step up to ensure their co-workers can enjoy uninterrupted time off.


Knowing projects are adequately covered during vacations—and the phone will stay silent—gives team members peace of mind that they can enjoy their time away from the office and return feeling refreshed.

Life Sciences Focus

SciVida’s singular industry focus and enterprising environment make it a great fit for entrepreneurial professionals passionate about the life sciences and making an impact on human health.


Every project is exciting and an opportunity to expand or deepen industry knowledge and expertise.

Opportunities for Rapid Advancement

The career progression and expectations at each consulting level are clearly laid out, and performance is frequently evaluated, translating to more opportunities for growth.


High performers are rewarded with increasing responsibility and exposure, and promotions are based on results, not tenure. As our consultants realize successes, they are recognized with advancement accordingly.

Career Path

No position is insignificant—from Associate to Partner, every role contributes to our success. The sharing of knowledge, goals, and ownership among all team members fosters a collaborative environment where staff can develop professionally while also meeting clients’ needs.

  • Associate
  • Consultant
  • Senior
  • Associate
  • Principal
  • Partner

Win With SciVida

SciVida is a great place to work! We may be a little biased, but we believe our projects are among some of the most interesting in life sciences consulting. The work itself is obviously a key element in choosing a job that’s the right fit. What may be less obvious to consider are the more subtle, subjective factors that can greatly influence job satisfaction.


Feel Good About Your Work

Contribute to society. Be a part of a company that’s making a real difference. SciVida provides an opportunity to advance science and help bring it to life so that patients get access to life-saving therapies and our world is a healthier place.

Hear From Our Team

I joined SciVida because of the exciting opportunity to be a part of a nascent company where I would work closely with everyone and have an opportunity to shape the firm. The breadth of project work—across company types, client roles, therapeutic areas, project types—was extremely wide and very attractive as a learning opportunity.

—Senior Consultant, San Francisco

SciVida strives to not only delight clients, but ensure employees are a priority as well. Senior leaders dedicate time towards staff to help catapult their careers while also prioritizing employee fulfillment through engaging project work and tapping into the team’s drive to advance healthcare and improve patients’ lives.

—Associate Principal, Research Triangle Park

It seems that every firm promotes commitment to excellence as a value, but SciVida formally incorporates it into everything we do. Our quality assurance process and our desire for client feedback are just a few examples. In fact, at the end of every project, we proactively ask clients to tell us how to be better!

—Senior Consultant, San Francisco

I left a secure position where I enjoyed a strong reputation and respect across the organization for the amazing opportunity to help build something special at SciVida. For starters, the leadership is second to none. Combine that with the well-thought-out foundation of the firm—its purpose, values, and vision for the next five years—and it was a no-brainer for me. It has been both exciting and rewarding to see the immense progress in such a short time. And I believe this is truly just the beginning. The best is yet to come!

—Principal, Research Triangle Park